About SFRC

SPANISH FILM REVIEW CLUB is an online collaborative project motivated by our passion for Spanish speaking films.

 It is an open community where different authors review their favourite Spanish and Latin American films.

Our aim is to spread Spanish speaking culture through cinema.

We are based in Glasgow (Scotland).

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6 responses to “About SFRC”

  1. vinnieh says :

    I just want to say I’m looking forward to reading more of your excellent work.

  2. nuwansenfilmsen says :

    Interesting Blog. I’m great fan of Pedro Almodóvar’s works. I’d love to see your take on him.
    Nuwan Sen

  3. j0hooper says :

    This is a great site and I’m recommending it to my Spanish students. But I notice that Alejandro Guttierez Inarritu is absent from the list of directors and I can’t understand why you have omitted him! (Amorres Perros, Babel – ok not completely Spanish speaking but still..) and Alfonso Cuarón (I am a fan of Mexican cinema so I noticed this. Any reason? Gracias.

    • Spanish Film Review Club says :

      Hi j0hooper and thanks for your comments. We love Cuarón, Del Toro and Gutiérrez Iñarritu! On the other hand, we allow our contributors to choose the film(s) they wish to review, ensuring our blog is as eclectic as possible. We will definitely encourage our writers to review one of these three masters’ works. ¡Larga vida al cine mexicano!

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